You owe it to yourself, your co-workers, and your family and friends

(both in your public and private life) to get this book that will enhance your ability to make a safety difference which can be dramatic. Practical applications for life-saving tools are delivered in this unique and powerful safety book.


Problem-solving solutions are provided in this 272 page easy to read book because it’s about people. Brion’s most influential Safety Mantra, “Do the right thing, even when no one is looking!” has been a very effective tool for him to see great safety results over his many years in construction. 18 more Safety Mantras are listed in the book.


A Quest for Safety Perfection
Utilizing Inventive Thinking!

Global Safety Success is the reward and you have the opportunity to advance that safety success directly within your sphere of influence! Your action today, and the book Safety Under Construction, afford you the means to make a safety difference that delivers on the following points found in this book.

  • Compelling Endorsements From Industry Leaders
  • Inspirational Beginning Chapter Quotes
  • Why You Are Not Safe Yet
  • What Construction Workers and Frontline Supervisors Need to Know
  • Analysis of Safety Flaws and Failures and Safety Contradictions
  • The Current Culture of Safety Responsibility and Consequences
  • Outcomes of Split-Second Decisions
  • Master Take-Away Points
A Quest for Safety Perfection
Utilizing Inventive Thinking!

Global Safety Success is the reward and you have the opportunity to advance that safety success directly within your sphere of influence! Your action today, and the book Safety Under Construction, afford you the means to make a safety difference that delivers on the following points found in this book.

  • Numerous Short Examples by Brion Hanks of Real Life Work Incidents
  • An Inventive View of a Culture of Safety
  • Safety Leader Behaviors, Mindsets and Character
  • How to Prepare Yourself
  • A Call to Action
  • A Contract With the Willing
  • Survey Results From Workers and Supervisors
  • Safety Mantras for Everyone
  • An Invitation to You


By utilizing this thought-provoking book and the safety tools found within that deliver directly to you methods for achieving Safety Perfection!


Everyone goes home safe each and every day! It’s not too much to ask for and it ought to be the only acceptable condition in any and all environments where people are at risk.


A powerfully written book that needs to be in your safety arsenal. It gives you tools for preventing all accidents, and will assist you with doing your part for achieving Safety Perfection!!










If you struggle with taking safety to the next level, then this book is for you. Safety Under Construction goes beyond establishing a solid foundation of where the industry stands; it opens the reader’s mind to think differently about safety. I recommend this book to not just leaders but to every person looking to improve safety.”

- Charles Martinez, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Certified Quality Manager

Safety Under Construction is your must-read for this year. I have worked with Innovation Scientific on several projects, and this may be their best work yet. They have delivered a practical approach to make safety the focal point of your business. They have clearly diffused the myth that safety is in the way of profits and performance and show how innovation and safety provide the desired gains. “I recommend this book to leaders and safety professionals not just in construction, but also to anyone that wants to understand the underlying process of how to create and recreate powerful industry scale solutions.”

- Dana W. Clarke Sr., Chairman / President / CEO of Applied Innovation Alliance, LLC; Certified TRIZ Specialist and also Certified Organizational Engineer

I have managed many construction crews and sometimes you face a critical moment where the quality of your field-call affects lives and a successful project outcome. So much is riding on what decision you make in that moment! “Safety Under Construction addresses this important but almost never discussed topic of split-second decision-making. Crew supervisors and managers will appreciate this valuable information. “I’ve actually heard people in the field say, ‘We’ve been doing it this way for hundreds of years, it’s fine’ and to the manager in the field, safety can feel like ‘Please, just let me get my stuff done.’ Safety Under Construction raises the bar to an entirely new level of expectation for worker safety. The whole idea of building safety into process, like quality, is a very important idea in the book. This is a visionary approach to see how safety, profits and process can work together.”

- Ophir Orr, Mechanical Engineer, Professional Engineer

Using systems engineering and innovation principles to improve safety is a new and welcomed approach to safety in the construction industry. I am deeply honored by your invitation to review this monumental work. Safety at work is so critical. My own experience in my first job for Indian Railways left a lasting impression on me. I, as a freshly appointed Assistant Engineer, was at an accident site reviewing the damage to a crossover joint. My deputy was an experienced railway man with over 30 years of service and he was showing me the wear at the joint that had caused the wheel to jump the rail and cause a derailment. In his enthusiasm he used his finger to point at the spot and suddenly the joint snapped to trap his finger and splash blood on our faces. As a 24-year old, I was devastated not only by the accident but the fact that my trusted buddy was subjected to such a cruel event. The prevention principles described in Safety Under Construction would have spared us that shock, injury and insult.

- Mahantesh Hiremath, Systems Engineer, 2013 ASME Federal Fellow supporting the US House of Representatives (Majority) Committee on Science, Space and Technology

It is with much appreciation and admiration that I write this. . . From time to time I was compelled to call and verify your actual thoughts, but with further reading all the answers were disclosed and then some. . . “In my experience trying to stay alive offshore on oil platforms in Alaska, EVERYONE had significant buy-in and we all looked out for each other because the alternative was too huge to ignore. . . There were many times that our safety briefings, program preparation, and permitting process took as much as 4 times longer than the actual spool replacement or line tie-in. It made no difference what the job was, we trusted each other to fulfill the responsibilities assigned in order to help keep all of us alive. This is not a far-fetched exaggeration. It was a way of life for staying alive. I will not sugar coat our results for you. We had accidents over my twenty-two years in the heavy equipment construction industry and I saw many things that made me wonder why people would do the things they do. Much of it makes more sense after reading this book. It has been my pleasure to read this life map for survival. “Your book is not really a book but a remarkable journey of discovery and practical application of science for lifelong safety behaviors for any workplace. Pardon my lengthy acknowledgement of your achievements, but I recognize it as a truly heartfelt resolution created by experience and sensibility for real lifesaving methods in heavy construction work and other hazardous work worldwide.”

- Bryan T. Mullins, Safety/Compliance Les Schwab Risk Services

Rarely does one get to witness the beginning of what could be a historic moment in a field of work. The seeds of concepts sewn in the pages of Safety Under Construction could be the start of significant positive change in the construction safety industry for those who want to achieve great safety and profit performance.

- Harry B. Flotemersch, Certified RedX Master, Structured Innovation Facilitator and Senior Consultant, Shainin, LLC

The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are well received. I actually thumbed through the book looking for the quotes to see which ones I liked the most. Also, I like the Safety as a System approach and discussion. The illustrations and the concepts are very thought-provoking.

- Timothy Tangeman, Safety Sponsor for Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. & Kiewit Bridge and Marine
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