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Look, there are no shortcuts for achieving quality safety. Was I mixing disciplines with that statement? No! The fact is safety mediocrity is what is mostly found throughout far too many industries where people labor to create whatever. That mediocrity comes largely in the form of lip service paid by companies, managers and frontline supervisors. The lingering result is that people continue to be injured or killed in work environments. So, I get it when I say there needs to be “quality safety”. And, unequivocally, there does!

A question for you, the reader, is who believes that all “accidents” are preventable? A real safety leader needs such belief if they hope to effect the change necessary to achieve Safety Perfection. Now you might ask or think, what is the definition of a safety leader? Without a doubt a portion of the definition involves someone who has a compelling passion and laser-like focus on a singular purpose which is that people go home safe each and every day. Further, a safety leader accepts responsibility for his or her safety under all circumstances. Additionally, and as important, a safety leader will hold anyone and everyone accountable when any safety infraction is observed or reported. Additionally a safety leader exhibits a constant safety attitude that boldly demonstrates by their individual words and action that they will put safety first, and safety always as their constant aim. A real safety leader walks their talk today, tomorrow and beyond. They champion Safety Perfection like a zealous guardian who survives in order to live and breathe such perfection, which allows for it to rub off on everyone who comes in contact with them.

The primary purpose of my book Safety Under Construction, which I co-authored with Scott Burr and Dayna Hubenthal, is to assist you in saving lives and reducing injuries in all work environments. For me, that will never change. I ask that you read this book with an open mind and then choose to implement those things described therein as a means to help you facilitate building upon a concerted effort to improve your safety program. Know this, company size does not matter. What does matter is real and long-lasting safety success across the board. Then think GlobalSafetySuccess.com and share it.

You see, two things continue to remain true. Far too many people are injured and or killed in the workplace. Stronger safety leadership is a beginning remedy. So I close this blog by leaving you with the following. The metal of a real safety leader is tempered to withstand any type of onslaught that seeks to compromise safety in the workplace. I ask that you be such a person and truly make a safety difference. Remember, Safety Perfection is the daily goal. You have but to do your part to make it so.

Brion K. Hanks

Safety Sentinel