Your knowledge, experience and sincere safety effort can and needs to be instrumental in saving lives. Read and then employ the book Safety Under Construction as a new tool in your safety arsenal. You will come away from reading this book by looking at safety differently. Why? Because the primary purpose of this book is to save lives and reduce injuries. Your thought processes, plus your caring power, will lead you to relentlessly pursue Safety Perfection because it is the right thing to do today, tomorrow and always.

BLOG-1This fact cannot be ignored, it’s real people who get killed or injured in all types of work environments. For far too long, just in the United States along, thousands die and millions of people are injured year after year after year. As motivational speaker Tony Robbins says, “The past does not have to equal the future.” In this moment, I categorically say to you, all “accidents” are preventable! Did you get that? Do you believe it? Your belief system is vital when it comes to utilizing safety as a system in order to achieve a paradigm shift where you fully embrace prevention as the only acceptable daily goal.

Many years ago my Dad asked me, “Are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?” I pose the same question to you and it is my hope that you take it to heart and truly reflect on your position regarding workplace safety. It’s a simple question that can be answered by way of embracing the tools found in this safety book and then standing resolute beside me and my belief that all “accidents” are preventable.

Safety Under Construction is a distinctive and compelling book that can be a premiere safety tool which I would hope you will boldly share everywhere within your sphere of influence. To this end, use a resolute passion which becomes so infectious that all who come in contact with you will get that you firmly believe all accidents are preventable and Safety Perfection can be achieved day in and day out.

I’m not writing about some grandiose utopian vision like you can “save the world” here. The fact is we can only do what we can, individually, wherever we find ourselves, but what stands most paramount is in our doing everything we can to make a safety difference day in and day out. Phased differently, talk the talk and then really walk the walk. To that end, be all that you can be in the admirable pursuit of achieving the only acceptable thing there is in all work environments, i.e., every worker going home safe each and every day!! That is Safety Perfection!


Brion K. Hanks

Safety Sentinel