When the Rose Fades

by Brion K. Hanks with Rich Carpenter

Dear Reader,

When The Rose Fades is a book of poetry that was created by me and my friend, Rich Carpenter, in the year 2000 (poetry written by me between 1982 and 2000). Rich and I collaborated on the development of Rich’s idea to get a book of my inspirational poetry out to people who were dying and or for family and friends who were grieving the loss of a loved one. As well, Hospice was a focal point for this book’s development.

In 2000 Brion and Rich contacted and met two days with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross at her home in Arizona. For those who do not know, Kubler-Ross wrote about death and dying and was instrumental in bringing Hospice to the United States. She wrote the introduction to this book. Brion’s sister, Delmary, painted the picture that became the cover for the book.

A poem entitled: One Transition was the first poem written by Brion regarding grief and loss upon learning of the sudden death of his Uncle Gene in 1982. It is the last poem of the 69 that are in this book. It can be read by clicking on the Poetry link.

Over the years hundreds of people have thanked Brion for their finding something with-in his book that was comforting to a family member or friend who was dying and for themselves as a part of dealing with death and dying. Coping with the grief that comes because of some loss is one of the most difficult things we all must do. . .

In the words of Dan and Sheryl Jones, “My wife and I have each lost a child. Within these pages are words that provide comfort and healing; courage and compassion, and ultimately grace and peace. . .When The Rose Fades should be shared not shelved.”

For me, part of my way of grieving a loss is to write down my thoughts or by writing a poem. I share my poetry with you heart to heart and spirit to spirit. May you find something within the pages of this book to help you or a loved one.

Brion K. Hanks