Dayna Hubenthal’s approach to safety is innovation-based, people-oriented and augmented by her research prowess. She has an extended liberal arts higher education (fifteen years of university level exploration in a wide variety of subjects) and continues to take classes. Dayna has a unique and naturally flexible mind which is able to see the world in fresh new ways. She can change paradigms and viewpoints with great ease and, therefore, can quickly see possibilities that others cannot. Dayna has a strong understanding of group dynamics, people, and cultures and has used her understanding in Silicon Valley start-ups and high performance teams to foster mutual trust, to create diverse unity, and to expose hidden social and psychological drivers, even when she was not the acknowledged leader. Her gifts and understanding of human behavior are extraordinary. Dayna is a co-founder and professional innovator for Innovation Scientific, LLC and is evolving the art of innovation into a science. Dayna’s special interest involves understanding the intersection of social dynamics, innovation and technology.