Scott Burr has worked in high-reliability industries and has relentlessly promoted a no-compromise standard in problem-solving. His interest in safety and risk comes from years of hands-on shop floor experience. He is a Six Sigma and Lean Master and early in his career adopted the principle of prevention. He is also a TRIZ[1] practitioner since 1998 so his involvement in quality, reliability, and process improvement has offered him the opportunity to witness and to solve complicated and entrenched problems including safety issues. Many of these problems were considered to be “impossible to solve” by his peers – until he solved them. Scott is a co-founder and professional innovator for Innovation Scientific, LLC[2] and is evolving the art of innovation into a science. Scott’s special interest is the visionary application of TRIZ and Structured Innovation to industry scale challenges and disciplines to resolve “impossible to solve” problems. Scott is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and recipient of ASME’s Distinguished Service Award.