author, safety-visionary

Brion K. Hanks has a passionate dedication to safety. He has over 40 years of experience promoting safety within the construction industry and is very hands-on when it comes to safety every day. His resolute commitment is inspirational to the people that have worked with him. His actions fully embody his teachings. Brion seeks to find new ways to express, teach and improve safety. He is a safety expert and understands the best practices in his field. He has helped to implement many innovations in safety throughout the years. Brion understands that his work enhances the lives of many people. When fathers and mothers safely return home to children and spouses and that seems ordinary, he realizes the profound nature of his work. To say “Brion cares” is a complete underestimate of who he is and what he is about.

Part of Brion’s reward for his safety efforts has been the gratitude expressed by hundreds of people who have personally sought Brion out to thank him for helping to keep them safe; for getting to know them on a personal level; for teaching them ways to work safer and for truly caring about their welfare.